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Kings Pest Professional Beetles Extermination Cincinnati OH

Beetles come in varying sizes and colors, all of which have a shell-like covering to add a layer of protection during take-off, landing, and combat. There are thousands of these species, including the more commonly reported Ohio ground, longhorn, and powder post beetles.

While beetles have poor vision, they utilize their antennas to sense temperature, touch, and sound. Beetles are what scientists have deemed “overwintering pests,” An overwintering pest is an insect species that spend the winter season in a dormant state, which permits the survival of minimal nutrients from stored fats. Overwintering plays a major role in the lives of impacted insect species, including beetles. Without overwintering, beetles would be at risk of extinction due to harsh winter weather exposure.

Why Are Beetles Infesting My Sunroom?

As mentioned previously, beetles meet the criteria to legally be classified as overwintering pests. The overwintering state allows beetles to enter and remain in a dormant state, feeding on nutrients derived from stored fats. With this said, the overwintering beetle will always opt for spending the winter indoors to spending the winter outdoors. The winter weather takes its toll on insect species in the overwintering state. Overwintering pests are defenseless against icy rain, cold winds, snow, and frigid cold temperatures. To avoid harsh winter weather exposure, beetles seek shelter in people’s homes and businesses through access points in window frames, damaged siding, and damaged air ducts.

What Is The Best Beetle Pest Control Strategy?

Our professional pest control, which combines inspection of impacted homes and an industrial- or commercial-strength pesticide. Beetles are diligent insects, refusing to spend harsh Ohio winters outdoors. Small exterior-to-interior openings become beetle access points into apartments, houses, condos, flats, duplexes, single- and multi-story residential buildings, and townhomes.

Each pest control strategy is initiated with a visual inspection of the beetle-infested home. Our exterminators thoroughly inspect the customer’s home to determine if the home is genuinely infested with beetles. At this point, the property owner should have witnessed signs that pointed to infiltration and or infestation.

Should I Try Over-The-Counter Pesticides Before Reaching Out To An Exterminator?

We do not recommend DIY pest control products – low potency pesticides/insecticide and adhesive traps. When these pest control products are combined, the outcome will be speedy and 100 percent effective in two treatments.

Over-the-counter pesticides are standard formulas only suitable for minor beetle problems. Contrary to belief, DIY pest control is not always the most affordable option. When you consider, DIY beetle management can require more trips to the big-box or home & garden store for more OTC pesticides, resulting in a higher overall expense.

Do Beetles Spread Disease?

Some species of beetle meet the criteria to be classified a “pantry pest.” The ladybug, sawtoothed grain beetle, and flour beetle are pantry pests, meaning they invade homes to infiltrate the food supply. When beetles are pantry pests, they pose some health risks to the occupants of the infested home. Beetles may cause illness related to contaminated food supplies.

Beetles drop contaminated fecal droppings into the home’s food supply, which is then ingested by one or more of the home’s occupants. Salmonella, E. coli, and Shigella are just a few examples of beetle-borne illnesses.

How Do I Know When The Exterminator Will Be Dispatched To My Home For The Inspection?

A member of our customer support team will notify you once your beetle inspection service request is completely processed. We permit our clients to choose an appointment day that will meet or exceed their routine schedule. We suggest submitting your pest control service request immediately following beetle detection to avoid any potential delay. A short delay will only lead to a more severe beetle infestation.

Will My Home Be Exposed To Dangerous Chemicals?

No, we take all the necessary precautions to protect our clients’ assets from chemical exposure. We utilize safety gear, state-of-the-art pest control equipment, and intuitive techniques to ensure the best outcome, with minimal exposure risk to furniture, drapery, décor, and electronics.

Our pesticide treatment protocol prohibits the administration of chemicals in homes occupied by young children, seniors, teens, adults, and animals.

How Can I Protect My Home From A Secondary Beetle Infestation?

Sealing all beetle exterior-to-interior access points would be a great place to start. We highly recommend a waterproof sealant for small entry points and custom plywood for utility openings.

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