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Cryonite Treatment

Looking for a more innovative, yet effective way, to deal with your bed bug problem? Maybe pesticides just aren’t the solution for you. Or, perhaps you are looking for something a little greener safer. Whatever the situation is or whatever you are seeking, we have the solution for you. That solution is cryonite. While this treatment has been successfully utilized throughout Australia and Europe for several years, it has just recently made its way to the United States.

This type of treatment involves the utilization of CO2 or snow to eradicate bugs. When applied to infested sites it rapidly kills bugs upon contact. Bed bugs, beetles, and cockroaches. It kills them all upon contact.

How Do Cryonite Treatments Work?

If you’ve been doing any new research in the pest management industry, you’ve likely come across talk about cryonite treatment. It’s not entirely new in the pest industry, as it has been utilized extensively in Australia and Europe. It wasn’t just until the last few years that the treatment made its way to the United States. This has, of course, drawing more attention to the treatment.

Combine this with its actual effectiveness and it should be easy to understand why more and more people are interested in this type of treatment. It works by freezing subjects. Upon immediate contact, the CO2 or snow freezes the insect’s body. The freezing process is rapid and there is little to no pain for the involved critter.

The CO2, also commonly referred to as dry ice, is sprayed out of a specially designed nozzle. The nozzle allows the gas to be emitted in the most effective way possible, but what puts the cherry on top is, the fact that there is no liquid stage. This snow or CO2 comes out of the container directly as a gas, meaning that it can be safely and effectively applied to a variety of surfaces without making a mess or causing potential harm.

Got bed bugs or roaches in electrical outlets? You very well can shoot pesticides in there, as they are liquid and will cause electrical shorts. You can, however, emit gas in there. Gas won’t short out circuits, but it will effective eliminate those roaches. The combination of snow-sized particles combined with the speed of the CO2 makes this type of treatment one of the most effective pest management solutions available today.

What’s even more impressive is, cryonite doesn’t just kill adult bugs. It kills insects in all stages. Larvae and eggs. This treatment eliminates them as well. This unit is also ergonomically designed with a telescopic handle that allows techs to reach into places that might not otherwise be accessible. The goose-neck rod can be angled 90 degrees or more for optimal spraying angles. The cryonite also penetrates easily into cracks, crevices, machines, and electrical outlets without causing potential damage.

A Greener, Safer Solution For You

As you can likely already see, there are many advantages to the cryonite treatment as opposed to other means of treatment available today. If you need any more proof that this is the treatment for you here are some:

  • It can be utilized anywhere, anytime
  • It can be safely used on food surfaces
  • If your production line cannot be stopped or interrupted, the cryonite treatment is invasive as it comes
  • There is no residual effect, so rooms, where treatment was applied, can be inhabited immediately. Perfect for apartments, condos, and hotels

Who Cryonite Treatment Makes Sense

Here are some other reasons why Cincinnati residents are opting for the cryonite treatments:

  • It has proven effective throughout Australia and Europe
  • It brings new meaning to chemical-free, as there are no use of pesticides
  • Minimizes downtime
  • No residual effect whatsoever
  • Safe and even easier to apply
  • Kills bugs in all stages. Eggs, adults, and larvae. This treatment eradicates them all
  • A more cost-effective solution
  • Kind on the environment

Have more questions? Maybe you have some concerns. Whatever the problem is or situation, you can pick up the phone and give us a call anytime at our local Cincinnati offices. We also have someone standing by ready to assist, but there is only so much we can do from behind a desk.

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