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Kings Pest Box Elder Bug Pest Control In Cincinnati OH

The box elder bug is a unique insect that generally makes its presence in the late fall. Unfortunately, the box elder bug does not end up being the topic of too many public awareness campaigns. Thanks to a bit of gentleness and diffidence, the box elder bug remains off the radars of the US Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While the CDC and EPA focus their attention on the dangerous mosquito, tick, and killer bee, the box elder bug goes on about its business preparing for the upcoming overwintering process.

Boxelder bugs are among the hundreds of overwintering pest species. Overwintering plays a significant role in the life of a box elder bug. The insect enters the deep-sleep-like state known as overwintering before or immediately following the onset of winter.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Colonizing In Front Of My Home In Cincinnati?

It cannot be stressed enough, the box elder bug becomes a nuisance for property owners beginning in the late fall. Once the insect enters the deep overwintering state, property owners can finally breathe relief. While no one wants their home infiltrated by these insects, it is a relief to know they do no plan on hanging around forever. Those lucky enough to successfully infiltrate a home or business will take refuge in a dark, damp, warm hiding place in a discrete location. Here, the insects will enter the overwintering state, in which they will remain for several months or the following spring.

Beginning in mid-April, the box elder bug will begin awaking from the overwintering state. At this point, the insect will plan for its escape, while remaining low on the homeowner’s radar.

Are Box Bugs Dangerous?

No, box elder bugs do not spread disease or parasites to humans. They are known to bite when provoked, with little to no risk of an allergic reaction. The insects generally do not feed after infiltrating the human habitat.

The insect’s most troubling feature is the pyridine secretion, which is part of a safety mechanism to keep predatory animals and insects at bay. Pyridine is a natural chemical emitted upon the insect becoming stressed or injured. Pyridine not only has a foul odor but also staining properties. When the insect releases the pyridine secretion, it is expected to leave an ever-lasting impact on everyone involved.

What Is The Quickest And Safest Pest Control Method For Box Elder Bug Colonies?

While boxelder bugs do not have a queen or build nests, they can colonize in certain situations. One of the most common reasons why these insects colonize is to infiltrate the human habitat. It is unclear, but some exterminators believe box elder bugs believe their odds of scoring an indoor hiding space for winter is to do it as a colony. This very well could be the case because it is rare to see a box elder bug attempting home infiltration alone. It is also rare for victims to detect a long box elder bug in their living quarters. The numbers are closer to 2, 3, 4, 5, or a dozen.

When a small colony of box elder bugs is discovered in your home, it is time to take immediate action. Even though overwintering pests do not reproduce indoors, it is important to not forget their hideous odor and staining capabilities.

Will DIY Pesticides Eradicate Box Elder Bugs?

Yes, over-the-counter pesticides will exterminate a few box elder bugs. But, these low potency insecticide formulas will do nothing to eradicate a full-blown box elder bug infestation. Keeping this in mind, a colony of box elder bugs will need a more drastic pest management approach.

Some Cincinnati consumers have reported financial losses associated with the DIY box elder bug extermination approach.

How Do Exterminators Protect Their Customers From Potential Chemical Pesticide Exposure?

By prohibiting the administration of conventional pesticides in human-occupied homes. Our pest control protocol prohibits the use of chemical-based pesticides in box elder bug-infested homes while they are occupied by humans and/or animals.

Please feel free to reach out to our box elder bug experts by email, social media, or landline. We are in full operation 5 days a week and some weekends to deliver high-quality pest control services throughout Cincinnati.

What Type Of Prevention Strategy Is Needed To Fight Off Future Box Elder Bug Home Infiltration Attempts?

It cannot be stressed enough, box elder bugs and other overwintering pests begin diligently looking for indoor hiding places in the late fall. This is when box elder bug activity is at its highest, making the insects extremely difficult to ignore. It is just like they appear one day and are gone the next. Of course, it is never this simple because the insects have no plans on giving up until they successfully score a warm, cozy hiding place inside your home.

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