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What Are Spiders?

Spiders have been feared, studied, and worshiped for years. Belonging to the order of Araneae these arthropods have eight legs, six or eight eyes, fangs, and wild hair. When you combine this with their ability to inject their victims with extremely harmful venom, is it any wonder as to why they are so feared, studied, and worshiped? Given their unique abilities, they truly are one of the most unique and diverse insects in the world. Speaking of that, there are currently over 40,000 known species spread throughout the world. 

These diverse insects also possess the ability to produce silk from the abdomens. This is how they build their webs to trap and ensnare prey. All this being said and as much as spiders have been studied, there is still a lot not known about these critters. There is also a lot of misinformation. The perfect example is the fact that spiders feed on other spiders. Most people would never even know this. Along with feeding on other members of their species, they also feed on critters as big as birds and lizards. 

One single web structure woven by a spider can house as many as 50,000 spiders at one time. Most spiders only live to be two years old, but there have been some reported cases where some species lasted as long as 25 years. The females of the species are much larger than their counterparts, but it is the male that is easily recognizable with his enlarged fangs. In addition to this, it’s the males that you’ll commonly find in the home. If you have found a spider in the home or suspect one is in there lurking around, you can guarantee it’s a male.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Being a premier pest management firm in Cincinnati, this is a question that we hear over and over again. And, this is where a lot of misinformation comes in. There is no denying that spider bites can be potentially dangerous. However, 99 percent of them are harmless. What’s even more confusing is, most spider bites are the result of defense. That’s right if you are bitten by a spider, it’s likely because it felt threatened. The biggest concern with spider bites is the venom. 

Most spiders found in Cincinnati don’t pose residents a threat, but this is not to say that a spider bite won’t be a traumatic experience. The bite itself can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. In some cases, it’ll also irritate the skin. Other than this, they should be considered harmless unless you happen to be injected with venom.

Why Do Homes And Buildings Have Spiders?

With the above in mind, you just learned one interesting fact. You just learned that most spiders found in homes and buildings in the Cincinnati area are male. Why is this? Is there a reason for this? Yes, This is because they are looking to mate. If you see a spider in the home, it is likely looking to mate, but this is not the only reason they’ll invade the home. Just like other common insects in Cincinnati, spiders will invade the home looking for shelter, water, and food.

Help! How Do I Eliminate Spiders? Do I Need Professional Help?

Spiders have a lot in common with other insects. One major thing is, they are extremely hard to fully eradicate from a building. And, this is because you’ll have to tackle the problem outside. Remove rocks, woodpiles, compost piles, and other potential sheltering sites. Any of this can help eliminate the presence or potential presence of spiders in the home. In addition to this, you’ll want to tackle the cracks and crevices in the foundations and walls.

After this, you’ll want to move to moisture problems. You’ll want to tackle all standing water in or around the building. Keeping doors, crawl spaces, attics, and basements free of debris and moisture will be critical to your overall success. Anytime you have a spider in or around the home or building will be a good indication to call in the pros. There are so many species and you never can tell whether or not the ones you are dealing with are harmful.

The only way to tell is to procure one and turn it over to a professional. Unfortunately, this can be extremely dangerous. Let us do the heavy and dangerous lifting for you. At Kings Pest, we utilize and employ a wide range of diverse pest management problems for dealing with spiders.

Do Pest Management Firms Offer Safe Treatment?

Speaking of treatment, you’ll find that there are a lot of natural treatment options available for spiders. However, this doesn’t mean that all of them will work in every specific situation. For instance, one natural treatment might work for your neighbor, but the same treatment might not work for you. This could be because you are dealing with a different species. Regardless, we are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and know-how to handle any spider infestation.

While we always try to go the eco-friendly route, there are some times when it’s not an option. When we do have to utilize pesticides and chemicals, we use techs that are specially trained and certified at handling such products. Anyone handling, distributing, or utilizing pesticides without certification from the EPA is doing so illegally. Just keep that in mind.

When Will You Get Here?

Our Cincinnati offices are constantly busy with a wide range of unique pest problems. However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t willing to sacrifice and make adjustments for our valued customers. Upon making that initial contact, you can expect to see someone out at the home or building within 24 to 48 hours.

Proper Prevention Of Spiders

Just like similar insects in Cincinnati, spiders can be difficult to eradicate. And once again, this is because treatment likely needs to start outside. You’ll have to eliminate the widespread infestation outside. Keeping your home clear of clutter along with eliminating shelter, water, and food elements will be the very best way to mitigate your chances of an infestation. Remove all existing spider webs as well.

What About Brown Recluse Spiders?

While spiders are all feared, it is the brown recluse that is the most feared. This is the species that has given spiders as a whole a bad name. This only has to do with the fact that they are so dangerous. Brown Recluse bites can be deadly. This is why we set out in 2018 to conduct a study regarding Brown Recluses and their population in Cincinnati. We started by putting together a team of qualified entomologists who offered a reward to anyone that could prove the existence of the species in their homes or buildings, All we asked for was a photo. While we did get some confirmed infestation, there was a lot we did learn from the study.

  • Brown Recluse spiders are an extreme rarity in Cincinnati
  • The places that were infested with Brown Recluses received shipments from parts of the country where the species are well-known and widespread
  • Brown Recluses need a specific environment to survive
  • Of all the confirmed infestations, none of them were outside. This puts an end to the myth of people camping and gardening in Cincinnati being bitten by the species
  • All the homes and buildings with infestations were occupied with small children. Luckily, no one was injured
  • Brown Recluse spiders are timider than people would imagine
  • None of the adjacent properties near the infected properties were infested
  • Several known products can successfully eliminate spiders when they do move into the home
  • Brown Recluses have been commonly mistaken for Funnel Weavers and Grass Spiders
  • There is nothing wrong with fearing a spider, especially not a species like Brown Recluse

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