How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Here at Kings Pest in Cincinnati, Ohio, we know pesticide is a controversial subject. This is especially true when the term pesticide is utilized in the same sentence as the term chemical. Pesticide chemicals are absolutely necessary for the full eradication of bed bug infestation. It is unfortunate, but most people do not know they have a bed bug problem until is a full-blown infestation. While we can be called in during any stage of the process, this is when most people feel they need to take advantage of our services. All that being said, most people never know they are dealing with an infestation until it’s widespread because bed bugs are so cryptic. They blend in with your everything belongings, actually try to avoid detection, and smaller populations are extremely hard to detect. You combine this with the fact that they are extremely prolific reproducers and it just makes matters all that much worse. Bed bugs like to scurry deep into dark and damp places. Dark and damp places that you’d likely never even look at. Heck, you’d never even think to look. They are also extremely small insects, only measuring about the size of an average apple seed. As you can imagine, bed bugs are extremely hard to detect. In fact, most people overlook bed bugs, even though they are right in front of them. It doesn’t help that they only come out of hiding to feed. And, they only feed when you are sleeping. These are all things that we know too well, but this is why we are equipped to handle such situations. At Kings Pest, we utilize cutting-edge technology along with tried and tested methods to lure bed bugs out of hiding. Not only do we offer a wide range of diverse detection methods, but we also have tools to lure the bugs out of their safe little hiding spots. If you suspect for one second that your Cincinnati, Ohio residence is infested, don’t wait. Give us a call immediately because you are only delaying the inevitable. It won’t take long before a small problem transforms into a major problem. We also offer cryonite, heat treatments, and steam as a possible means of elimination. Why Hire Us!
  • We hire the top exterminators in the Ohio pest control industry
  • Our pest control company is locally owned and operated
  • We offer free bed bug inspection
  • We can process your service request within 24 and 48 hours

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