How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs might be known for being notorious hiders and biters, but they aren’t that well-known for their hitchhiking abilities. These critters can latch on a target and ride them for miles. Along with their quick wits and determination to not be detected, these critters can go months before being detected. This is why most people don’t even know they’re facing an infestation until it’s too late. The key is learning the early warning signs of an infestation. Early detection is key to minimizing the physical and financial damages caused by bed bug infestation. However, just because you detect a bed bug infiltration early on, does not necessarily mean the work is done. From there, you’ll have to figure out a plan of action to eliminate the bug. This is usually where a pest management professional comes in handy. While these bugs like to nestle deep down into every crack and crevice, cleaning such areas will not be the complete key to success. You’ll likely need to know how to force the bugs out of hiding. And then, this might not be enough. You’ll likely have to know all the potential hiding spots with how to force the bugs out of hiding.

Can’t Uncover All The Hiding Spots? Here Is How To Force Bugs Out Of Hiding

Just because you know you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, it doesn’t mean the journey is over. Heck, it’s just beginning, but this is the best time to get a professional involved. The problem might be limited and contained enough that you can end up saving yourself a bundle of money. You can still attempt to tackle the problem on your own, but it’s not recommended. Declutter Your Home – The first place to start is decluttering your home. Now, your bedroom might already be tidy. If not, this is where you’ll want to start. Start by eliminating clutter. However, you have to be careful when going this route. You don’t want to take the clutter from an infested area to non-infested rooms because this will just spread the infestation. Know When And Where To Search – When your room is all neat and tidy, you’ll need to establish where to search. You have to remember that bed bugs only come out when you are sleeping. Whether it be at night or during the day, bed bugs will only come out of hiding when you are asleep. Recenter Your Bed In The Room – Make your bed an island. This is the next step of the process. You want to relocate your bed and furniture at least 6 inches away from the walls. If you are already there, you’re a step ahead of the process. If not, you’ll want to relocate the items with the same theory of decluttering in mind. This helps eliminate the number of hiding spaces. Trap The Bed Bugs – You are all neat and tidy, your bed is now an island, and you are ready to start your search when you are supposed to be asleep. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to be awake when utilizing the interceptors. These devices are like round, plastic dishes. They’re rough on the outside and smooth on the inside, allowing the bed bugs to climb in but not out. Makes sense, right? These items are going to be placed under the legs of your furniture. This is likely the entry or advance point for these bugs. When coming out of hiding to feed, they’ll have to latch onto the legs of your furniture and climb abroad to their feeding grounds. The theory is, they’ll get trapped inside this dish-like device during the process and find themselves unable to escape. They’ll eventually linger here until they starve to death. Some people even take the extra step of placing bait inside the dish-like devices just to increase the likelihood of bugs venturing inside. Set Up Bed Bug Traps – Bed bug traps utilized by pest management companies like ours are similar to that in the design and theory of the interceptor traps. They pretty much work in the same manner, but they have built-in traps. Carbon dioxide detectors emit CO2 or kairomones, which is similar to the chemical generated by humans during the sleep cycle by humans and warm-blooded reptiles. Generate Heat To Kill Bed Bugs – Another pest control tool that many professional pest management firms utilize is the heater. This is one we offer as well and it works similarly. It installs under the legs of your furniture and instead of emitting CO2, it emits heat. However, it comes with glue-like paper instead of a dish design. This also increases prevents potential escapes.

Other Bed Bug Lures

You’ll find that different bed bug companies today offer a wide variation of these traps and lures. However, they’ll all work in a similar manner and fashion with the same theory in mind. Some might be designed a bit differently, but they all usually go under the legs of your furniture and lure bed bugs to traps. That being said, we do offer what is known as the surge trap. This trap emits both CO2 and heat, just to double the likelihood of luring in bugs. With the right tools and knowledge, luring out bed bugs and trapping them isn’t a major problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean these tools will eliminate your infestation, and this is why it is best to always implement several different tactics at once. This is just another thing that our trained and qualified professionals can assist with. We are standing by just waiting for you to give us a call. Why Hire Kings Pest In Cincinnati? Our pest control company is located in the heart of Cincinnati, a metropolitan area with over 302,000 residents. We employ the top exterminators in the Ohio pest control industry. We utilize a stringent pre-employment process that requires all qualified job candidates to undergo an extensive background check. To protect our company, employees, and customers from unnecessary risks, we utilize a strict pest control protocol that prohibits the use of chemical pesticides in occupied homes.

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