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Heat Treatment

Cincinnati residents are known for their resilience. It is their dedication to family and friends that puts them in a class of their own. The same can be said about bed bugs. Bed bugs are no doubt one of the most resilient insect species in the world, growing tougher and tougher as time goes on. Pesticides that were once effective against bed bugs are now completely useless.

How Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

If you think about it, heat treatment works just like you imagine it would. It uses heat! Pretty simple, right? In theory, everything is simple, but below the surface, things can get a little more complicated. That’s okay though because this is why we are here. This is where our services come in. Let us worry about the complexities. That being said, it does pay to know what you are dealing with. This will help you decide if heat is the best solution for you or not.

Our heat treatment utilizes specialized heating equipment to raise the ambient temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and above. It is a scientific fact that at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs begin to die. Their bodies dehydrate and die. When exposed to temperatures like this for 2 hours or more, the heat will eradicate them. Adults, eggs, and larvae. Heat will kill them all!

We bring in special heaters to raise the temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and above. We try to steadily maintain these temperatures for 90 minutes straight. The best thing about this type of treatment is, it is one of the more effective solutions available today. Bed bugs get deep down in cracks and crevices. They get behind objects and under them. This not only makes them hard to detect, but it makes them hard to kill with a lot of treatments. Since heat basically permeates all these structures and materials, it will eradicate everything in the area. It doesn’t matter where they are hiding, bed bugs will not be able to escape from heat treatments.

The Most Effective Solution

Our thermal heat treatments are the most effective treatments available today. And, this is because of what you learned above. Pesticides and steam are extremely effective, but they must come into contact with the bugs. Given that the bugs hide behind objects and deep in crevices, this very task is more difficult than one might imagine.

This isn’t the case with heat treatment since it penetrates everything. You combine this with the 100 percent satisfaction guarantees we offer, and it should be easy to see why more and more Cincinnati residents are options for our heat treatment solutions.

Evacuating The Premises

While there are a lot of ups and down to the treatments we offer, one of the downs to the heat treatment is, customers will have to evacuate the premises. So will pets!

This is why it’s best to undergo a thermal heat treatment when you are expecting to be out of the home for the greater part of the day. A workday would probably be the best option, but we are here to accommodate. Whether you need us out at the home on a weekend or after working hours, we can adapt to your schedule.

In addition to the residents evacuating the premises, all heat-sensitive items must be removed as well. Any items at risk of damage due to extremely high temperatures will need to be removed from the home in advance. Family heirlooms, electronics, oil paintings, and some furniture pieces will sustain significant damage due to long-time heat exposure.

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