Eco-Friendly Treatments

More and more Cincinnati residents are growing aware of the need for greener solutions in life. This is a good thing because one person can have major negative effects on the environment. This is especially true when it comes to chemicals and pesticides. As more homeowners become more and more aware of the need for greener solutions, developments in the pest industry allow companies from all over to now deliver those greener solutions.

This is something our company thrives on. Pesticides have long been utilized in the pest control industry, and they have proven effective, but that doesn’t mean they should always be a go-to solution. Especially not when they are harming the environment. This is why we at Kings Pest have started utilizing greener pest management solutions.

Safer For Pets, Animals, And Plants

Anytime there are pets or children involved, you have to consider safety. However, just because safety is a major concern, it doesn’t mean that you should throw efficiency out the window. When it comes to pest management, you need to make sure you are choosing solutions that will eliminate pests.

You might be surprised to hear it, but our eco-friendly solutions are more effective than pesticides. Thanks to developments in the field, we can now offer a wide range of eco-friendly pest management solutions that are more effective than traditional methods. Amongst the treatments we offer, some of the more popular and most effective are cryonite treatments, heat treatments, conventional treatments, and steam treatments. If you have children in the home, these will be the best pest management solutions for you.

30-Day Follow Up Pest Services

The thing with pesticides is, it was a treatment solution that usually required multiple visits. Not just multiple visits, but the application of chemicals multiple times. Any good pest management plan will require multiple visits, but not multiple treatments. That being said, we always bill in a follow-up visit with our treatment solutions. Whether it be a heat treatment or a steam treatment, you can expect to see us back out at the property 30-day after the initial visit.

The follow-up visit is billed into the initial charge and it just ensures that we have successfully eradicated the problem. While heat treatments and stream treatments are effective and have been proven effective, it only takes one surviving bug to bring back a resurgence. We have an in-home representative standing by right now. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll dispatch an inspector to get the process started.

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