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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentNo one wants to discover, their home is infested with bed bugs. That being said, it is much better to learn that you are dealing with a smaller, more confined infiltration than a severe, widespread infestation. Not only are smaller infestations easier to handle, but a lot of them can be treated successfully with conventional treatments. Regardless of this, it still doesn’t mean that the entire process will be easy.

There is nothing easy about bed bugs, especially full extermination. All that aside, milder infestations can be treated successfully with pesticides or conventional treatments, but they usually require more than one visit. They generally require the application of chemicals two to three times.

What makes the entire situation even more time-consuming, pesticide treatments must be separated by at least two weeks. So for a mild, confined infiltration, you could be looking at a month or more of battling a colony until every bed bug is annihilated. 

Most pest management companies in Cincinnati, along with ours, have a standard protocol of three visits when it comes to conventional treatments. Here is what a standard conventional treatment protocol looks like:

  • You make an initial pest control service request and we dispatch a licensed exterminator to your Cincinnati home. The exterminator arrives, initiating a visual inspection of the bed bug-infested home. During this visit, the exterminator will discuss your treatment options, and our evacuation protocol, and safety measures.
  • The second visit is specific to the initial application of pesticides. In most cases, our exterminators will opt for a liquid or vapor pesticide to be emitted throughout the premises.
  • The third visit will be a powder application applied to baseboards and electrical outlets.
  • The last visit of the entire process is the post-treatment follow-up. This visit is just to confirm that the application of chemicals was successful.

When dealing with Kings Pests, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the highest trained and most qualified techs in the industry. Our techs utilize cutting-edge technology combined with tried and proven methods to deliver the best possible. When conventional treatment is required and chosen as a means of pest management, we make sure we follow the stringent EPA guidelines. We do offer a wide ranger of greener treatment options for those interested, but if conventional treatments or pesticides are the best for you, you can rest assured you are dealing with the best and safest individuals for the task.

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