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Kings Pest Carpenter Ant Management Cincinnati OH

Here at Kings Pest, we help Cincinnati consumers regain control of their properties, following carpenter ant infestation. It is unfortunate, but carpenter ants feel the need to prey on the home of humans. Like all insect species, the carpenter ant does not discriminate between properties. If your home just happens to be within a short distance of where a carpenter ant colony sets up an underground tunneling network system, you will most likely be victimized at some point. There is little that can be done to devise a 100 percent guaranteed effective carpenter ant prevention strategy. Thanks to the diligence and resilience of these insects, no residential or commercial establishment are fully protected from infiltration.

Carpenter Ant Infestation – Know The Signs!

Differentiating between infiltration and infestation of varying insect species is never easy. But, with our cutting-edge pest control strategy, consumers can learn how to identify all household pests Take for instance the carpenter ant, an insect species with unique physical characteristics and behaviors. It is possible to identify the carpenter ant through visual comparisons with other similar insect species.

This knowledge will come in handy if and when you come face-to-face with carpenter ants on a trip to the kitchen. Carpenter ants have unique tri-segmented bodies – unique to the species – that come in a variety of colors – reddish/black, solid black, dark brown, and reddish/brown. The body is carried around on three sets of legs that work like elbows.

Why Are Carpenter Ants Overtaking My Cincinnati Property?

Carpenter ants are one of the biggest Formidicae species. Measuring up to ½ inches in length, the worker is a dominant member of the carpenter ant colony. The most dominant member is no other than the queen, herself. The queen is the only reproductive member of the carpenter ant colony. She is also the largest member, growing up to 5/8 inches long. The queen can produce up to 30,000 eggs daily or up to 210,000 eggs per week.

The carpenter ant has a unique body that is divided into three parts – head, torso, and abdomen/heart. Each part is held together by tiny joints that provide flexibility in every way imaginable. The tri-segmented body is flexible, allowing the carpenter ant to access tiny exterior-to-interior home entry points.

Can Carpenter Ants Contaminate A Human Food Supply?

Carpenter ants are the only insect species with metapleural glands “metathoracic glands.” The purpose of metapleural glands is to create a secretion with antifungal and antimicrobial properties. The metapleural gland secretion plays a major role in building the carpenter ant’s immunity.

While the carpenter ant’s immune system is strengthening, it continues to ingest contaminated edibles. The contaminated digestible materials are expelled from the body through feces. Occupants of homes with vulnerable non-refrigerated food storage systems are at the highest risk of developing digestion conditions, such as Salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli.

What Is The Best Carpenter Ant pest Control Route?

As one of the top pest control companies in Cincinnati, Kings Pest is qualified to recommend extermination strategies for various pest infestations. We can safely say, the most effective carpenter ant strategy is professional pest control. Our carpenter ant management combines a state-of-the-art inspection protocol and an industrial-strength pesticide. This combination ensures the best outcome in the shortest duration, without compromising the client’s health and assets.

Our exterminators are fully trained in pesticide safety. Our primary pest control goal is to achieve a speedy, effective outcome, without compromising the client’s health or property.

Will Over-The-Counter Pesticides Take The Place Of Professional Pest Control?

No, over-the-counter pest control products are standard formulas, meaning they contain minimal synthetic or natural chemicals. Our industrial-strength pest control products, on the other hand, contain the maximum percentage of synthetic or natural chemicals.

One of the most common active ingredients in conventional pesticides is a chemical known as metam-sodium.  The chemical is most often utilized as a pesticide, fumigant, fungicide, and herbicide. Metam-sodium can be utilized alone or combined with other ingredients – methylamine, sodium hydroxide, or carbon disulfide – to deliver maximum results.

How Do I Schedule A Carpenter Ant Management Consultation In Cincinnati?

We offer several contact options – landline, text, email, and social media. Our customer support team works extended schedules to ensure the speediest responses to all Cincinnati pest control service requests. Our service request management process takes between 24 and 48 hours during the off-season for carpenter ants.

Carpenter ant off-season begins in late fall, continuing through winter and early spring. During this period, the insects are in a dormant state, known as “overwintering.”

Do I Need To Worry About Pesticide Chemical Exposure During Carpenter An Extermination Process?

Every consumer has a right to be concerned about the chemicals utilized to eradicate pests. It is important to know as much about a pest control product and technique as possible. The more you know, the safer you and your family will be throughout the process. We highly recommend reaching out to our Cincinnati exterminators to learn more about the ingredients found in our industrial-strength pesticides, all of which are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our pest control treatment protocol prohibits the use of chemical-based pesticides in residential and commercial establishments occupied by humans and/or pets.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Home Infiltration Of Carpenter Ants?

Yes, with the help of our professional carpenter ant prevention. Our prevention strategy combines visual inspection with updates to your home’s pest barrier, or the structural components responsible for keeping insects in their natural habitats.

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