Occasional Invaders

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What Is Considered An Occasional Invader?

When dealing with pests, the names will tell you a lot. And, occasional invaders are no different. They are pests that occasionally invade the home. These are creatures that will just occasionally find their way into a structure, looking for shelter, warmth, or water. They might just be passing through as well. Some common locations these pests can be found are under sinks, cupboards, crawl spaces, basements, showers, and tubs. While these pests are not disease-spreading or even cause structural damage, they can be a nuisance. They’ll be mentally draining and straining under the right circumstances. Pests that can be considered of the occasional variety are:

Why Do I Have Occasional Invaders?

As with most common insects, if you have an occasional invader in the home, office, or building, it’s because they are looking for the essentials. They are likely looking for water, food, or shelter. Yes, indeed, they could just be passing through as well, but most of the time, they are looking for water, food, or shelter.

Are Occasional Pests Dangerous?

One of the good things about occasional invaders is, they aren’t dangerous. They don’t pose a threat to humans or pets, but they don’t pose a threat to structures either. This means they won’t gnaw on wood or eat electrical wires. While this is the case, it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with or any less disturbing.

How Do I Eliminate Occasional Invaders?

The best way to deal with a pest like the occasional invader is by stopping it from entering the home or property in the first place. While this might seem harder said than done, it is entirely possible. Once they have taken up residence they’ll be extremely difficult to eradicate. You can vacuum them up, but this won’t likely clear up the problem entirely. You’ll have to identify the source of the problem and this is something our trained and certified pros can help with. Remember, if you have pests, there is a reason. It could be because your property is providing them shelter, water, or food. Find and eliminate these essentials and you’ll clear up the biggest portion of your pest problem.

Another thing to remember is, if you do vacuum the bugs, you’ll want to make sure you dispose of the contents in air-tight containers.

When Will Your Techs Get Here?

At Kings Pest, we stay busy all year round. However, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t willing to adapt to the unique needs of our customers. This is just one of the many things that have made us one of the preferred providers in the area. Upon initial contact, we can guarantee that we’ll have someone out at the property within 24 to 48 hours.

Are Your Treatments Safe?

When it comes to pest management, we bring new meaning and standards to the phrase. We take pest management extremely seriously. While we do offer eco-friendly solutions, there are times when pesticides have to be utilized. During these times, we make sure we follow stringent guidelines and procedures. In addition to this, all of our techs are certified by the EPA to safely handle pesticides.

How Do I Prevent Occasional Invaders?

Luckily, there are plenty of steps that anyone can take to mitigate their risk of exposure to occasional invaders. You might not be able to prevent a potential infestation fully, but you can lower your risk of exposure. Want to learn how to do this?

  • Start with sealing all your food in air-tight containers
  • Make sure garbage is commonly removed from the home and held outside in air-tight containers
  • Seal cracks, crevices, and all openings in foundations
  • Remove excess moisture from crawl spaces, basements, and attics
  • Make sure there is no standing water outside the foundation of the home
  • Apply proper ventilation where it is needed to keep mold and mildew at bay
  • Always inspect grocery bags, potted plants, and luggage after a long trip

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