Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

When it comes to the pest defense of your home, there is no such thing as going too far. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about doing too little. And, if you are not utilizing the best mattress covers for bed bugs, you are doing too little.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

If you haven’t been taking advantage of bed bug mattress covers, you haven’t been doing everything needed to safeguard your home. Heck, you may as well have been sleeping with your front door unlocked and wide open because that’s virtually what you were doing. A bed bug mattress cover will protect your mattress while preventing bed bugs from using it as a place of residence. Given that the bed or mattress is the critter’s number one choice for a residence, it only makes sense to attack the mattress first. Do your research and you’ll find out quickly that 90 percent of bed bug infestation occurs in the bedroom, particularly in the mattress. This is because bed bugs want to be near their host. This is exactly why mattress covers are so important. All in all, it just comes down to choosing the best mattress topper for your mattress.

What Are Bed Bug Mattress Protectors?

Bed bug mattress protectors, mattress topper, bed bug encasements, and bed bug mattress covers. You’ll hear these products referred to by a variety of names throughout your research, but they are all pretty much the same thing. What are they? They are a removable sheet of fabric that fits perfectly and tightly around your mattress. Think of a Ziploc bag or a trash bag. That’s pretty much what these products are. They are specifically designed to fit around your mattress, fully encasing it. However, in order for the contraption to work, it’ll need a zipper system. This is the one thing that makes these products different than trash bags or Ziploc bags. They have zipper systems. The theory is, when fully encased around your mattress they trap bugs and other particles in, preventing them from escaping. This eliminates the bug’s ability to come out of the mattress, feed, and go back into the mattress. When bed bugs are cut off from their hosts and unable to feed, they’ll die out in two weeks.

Choosing The Best Mattress Cover For Bed Bugs

As a consumer, you are privy to a variety of products in the Cincinnati pest control market. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for shoes, ties, or shirts, you’ll have a variety of choices available to you. Some will offer what others don’t, and some may seem like they were created for entirely different people and purposes. While this might seem like a great thing, it can make narrowing down a choice difficult. Especially for people that aren’t familiar with specific products. This is why it usually pays to know what specific qualities to seek in a product when looking for one that will last and deliver. Bed bug toppers are no different.

Does It Fully Encase The Mattress?

Going back to the Ziploc or trash bag theory, what good are these products, if they don’t fully encase the items they are supposed to? A Ziploc bag cannot fully protect your sandwich if it leaves half of it exposed. The same can be said about a mattress cover. The material is supposed to fully encase your mattress, preventing bugs from escaping and entering.

Does It Offer A Quality Seal?

Speaking of sealing, your mattress won’t seal without a zipper system. While all mattress toppers will have some kind of zipper system, the better, high-quality ones will come with reinforced seams. This will be crucial to providing a quality seal. If bugs can get in and out of the mattress, the cover is virtually useless. There are even some models that will offer a strip that goes over the zipper when the product is zipped up. This strip helps adds a little extra protection to the zipper system while also offering a tighter seal. Always watch out for holes and tears, as they’ll also render the product ineffective. Just the slightest and the product will not work as it should.

Has It Been Put To The Test?

How many things have you seen that look good on paper, but fail when put to the test? Probably too many, and there are a lot of toppers that are exactly the same. They might look good in theory or on paper, but when tested in the field, they just can’t stand up. This is why it is imperative to ensure that every topper is tested. Make sure the product is guaranteed to e certified and tested by a qualified entomologist.

Is It Free Of Toxins?

Chemicals and pesticides have been long used in the pest industry. This is likely because they have been proven to be effective. They are third-party tested to ensure maximum protection from bed bug infestation. The only problem is, they can be dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. That being said, many manufacturers will utilize these chemicals to make sure their pest control products work. Combine this with the fact, pesticide chemicals can emit hazardous odors and greenhouse gases, even when administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Whatever the situation is, you are going to be sleeping with this product, and you do not want one that is going to put you at risk. Make sure you choose one that is developed completely free of toxins and doesn’t use any pesticides as an additional means of effectiveness.

How Well Do These Products Work?

There are a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to bed bug toppers. This is because some people have had success with them whereas others have not. There is simply no denying that bed bug toppers can be a great tool for fighting and preventing infestations, but it doesn’t take much to render them ineffective. This is why there are so many mixed results surrounding the products. All it takes is a faulty installation, a small rip, or a slight tear, and the product will be useless. This is why it is best to turn to a pro when dealing with these products. Our trained and certified techs will not only be able to help you choose the best toppers for your mattress, but they’ll install them for you. In addition to this, we’ll help you apply other means of extermination because while these toppers are effective, they aren’t going to render a home completely bed bug-free. No, this is something that will take the utilization of other means of bed bug treatments. Let us help you choose those treatments!

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